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Knee and Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

Recover Faster and Regain Mobility

Knee & Hip Replacement Rehab In Langley

After a knee or hip replacement surgery the best way to recover and get back into the activities you enjoy is through rehabilitation, which aids the body’s healing process in a significant manner.

At Twin Rinks Physiotherapy in Langley, knee and hip replacement rehabilitation is divided into 3 core parts throughout your treatment experience; assessment, treatment (manual therapy and modalities), and exercise.

The initial assessment is an essential part to creating a treatment experience that maximizes your surgery rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists will assess your situation accordingly and introduce the many modalities available to assist the treatment.

Twin Rinks Physiotherapy offers an extensive range of knee and hip replacement treatment rehabilitation modalities to facilitate recovery and manage pain, including the following:

• Manual Therapy: focuses on regaining mobility in the affected knee or hip.
• Interferential Therapy (IFC): accelerates the body’s natural healing process via electrical stimulation of tissue and nerves.
• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS): provides short term pain relief via electrical stimulation of nerves in the affected area which interrupts pain signals to the brain.
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS): stimulates weak muscle fibers that may be deconditioned.
• Heat/Ice Application: heat application stimulates flow of oxygen rich blood and improves range of motion and Ice application reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

After treatment with the modalities, kinesiologists will then assist and guide you through your home exercise program as part of your physiotherapy treatment. Programs can include, but are not limited to strengthening, balance, range of motion, stretching, return of function, and core activation.

Twin Rinks Physiotherapy also offers pre-operative treatments, which allows you to be better informed prior to your procedure, have improved speed of recovery, and be stronger and more mobile.

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